Hackney Based Cat Rescue Celebrates National Black Cat Day

Feline Friends London Founder Barbara Read with her eldest cat Shola, a grand old gal who is thought to be between 22 and 23 years old. Photo by Anne-Marie le Ble

Friday 27 October is a special day for the type of cats that get looked over most in animal shelters for adoption. From old superstitions to silly ideas based on aesthetics, such as Black cat not being as photogenic as lighter cats, to black cats not blending in with the furniture, rescue centres have heard it all.

Feline Friends London is a Hackney based Cat Rescue, founded by long time Stoke Newington resident Barbara Read. I’d been aware of her a for a while through friends, pet owners I know and rescue grapevine here in Hackney, but it wasn’t until recently I personally experienced her passion for helping pets and their owners. So impressed, I wanted to know more.

Cyril and Bollo

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