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Caroline des Noettes Harper Harasses Teen in Australia and Mingles with Kiddy Fiddlers

Caroline Des Noettes Harper counts pedophiles amongst her friends.

Is another person, I have never had any contact with, in any form. I became aware of Crazy cat lady, Caroline Des Noettes Harper after people sent me screen shots from a closed Facebook Group.

The only animal related Facebook group I belong to is Romanian Dog rescue group, which unlike Elzbieta Gontarska, is a very well ran registered charity ran by the most amazing people. The dog I want to rescue is currently being treated for heart worms, which is a very long treatment.  If it all goes well, he will be brought to the UK.

Reading what this tatted old hag  (she looks a bit old to be pregnant don’t you think?) says about me, a person she knows nothing about, is not very pleasant. I’m not in the habit of joining Cat groups. Even my involvement with Stokey Cats and Dogs was minimum. A comment or two every few months. I have no desire to join any cat groups.

She posted the above comments on a Facebook group I had never heard of, until I it was brought to my attention. Cats Completely Raw And Proud (Cat CRAP) is owned by Louise Balmforth a trans-gendered person, who was caught hiding in bushes in a park while taking photographs of children without their parents consent.  I don’t know about y’all, but that just reeks pervy antics.

To show the nastiness of Louise Balmforth, Caroline Noettes Harper and the other odd balls that gravitate to theses groups, let me tell you what they did. An innocent young lady also called Remi who lives in Australia, posted a question in Louise Balmforth Facebook group.  It was just a question regarding diet for a cat she wanted to give a home to. They laughed her off, mistaking her for me, with Louise Balmforth calling her “stupid” and a “retard”.  Lovely lot of people eh?

I’m not a turn the other cheek kind a gal. I fight fire with fire.

Louise Balforth

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