This Crazy Williams N’dure Freak Thinks I’m Trolling her?

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Another example of the oddballs that gravitate to Stokey Cats and Dogs. This woman thinks I’m trolling her?? I don’t troll and who in their right mind would troll a mentally ill hoarder like Williams N’dure. You see when a nondescript freak like Williams N’dure insinuates I’m stalking her, I get mighty offended. She sent me a friend request last year which I ignored, the same way I ignore a lot of you, not because I’m rude, but because we have no connection.

She’s someone who openly admits she’s too lazy to work and is a benefit scrounger who whiles away her time posting inane comments on Elzbieta Gontarska’s Stokey Cats and Dogs. Her days are spent posting ads from the pets section of Gumtree, because sanctimonious crazy cat ladies love to cream their panties over pets being advertised on Gumtree. Sure enough she gets a little attention from her posts, but for most of the time she is ignored and looked upon as a freak. ¬†She’s not part of Elzbieta cheap European import group of friends. She’s just another nigger to them, just like me.

Now that they have a common enemy – me, they have embraced her.


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