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Kosher Kowboys in Stamford Hill Gone Wild

ojattackThe recent attack on a young Black traffic warden by a mob of members of the Ultra Orthodox Jewish community on Leeside Road in Stamford Hill, came as no surprise to me and it’s been a long time coming. The insular religious sect have always viewed outsiders with suspicion, more so if they are Black. But let me stress this whole ongoing palaver in Stamford Hill isn’t just about race. Black or white as long as you are not an Orthodox Jew, you are looked at with contempt and treated accordingly

The Traffic Warden was immediately portrayed as the aggressor and we were told he “ran over” someone’s foot (unsubstantiated), but from the limited video footage we see, it is evident the Traffic Warden was fearful of the mob that surrounded him and was trying to get away. Wouldn’t you? In the confusion surrounded by his attackers, it’s acceptable he may have ran over someone’s foot accidentally, but even this has not been proven.

There are many who find it unpalatable or afraid to speak about some of the vile and downright criminal behavior, of members of Stamford Hills Haredi community, in fear of being labelled anti-Semitic. However, in light of what took place on Monday 14 January, I hope for once, Hackney Police will grow balls and properly address the chaos they have allowed to grow in Stamford Hill.   Read More

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