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Denise Rawls

Denise Rawls

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. That may be the case, but when someone in your locale decides to use the same name of an entity you own, as the name for their newly launched business, I’d call that downright stupid and stealing. If that wasn’t bad enough, she’s going around bad mouthing me. I’ve never met this person, but she’s been aware of Hackney Hive since she lives in Hackney and has followed us on Twitter for at least five years. I had to put Hackney Hive on haitus because there just isn’t enough hours in the day and my main priority is running The London Cat Sitting Company. It is summer and manic busy doesn’t begin to describe how busy we are right now.

I don’t have time to elaborate, but will do so shortly. Suffice to say, it is all out war and just like a rottweiler whose jaws clamps down, so will mine, and I won’t let go util Denise Rawls is battered, bloody and clinging to life….meterphorically speaking of course.

Oh and what type of business does Rawls own? She calls herself a “business coach” this despite never running a successful business. Sure she had a greeting card gig going, but that has folded. We live in a digital world were unfortunatly greeting cards no longer sell the way they did, throw into the mix her cards target a black market,  (as in people of colour/black people). What type of business coach can’t come up with her own brand? Would you pay this sort of person to mentor you?

While Hackney Hive may not be upated regularly,it still receives hundreds of emails especially press releases every week, that I never read. I just find it odd that she would bad mouth me but want to use a very unique name I created for my brand. Maybe she thinks my noteriety will increase her chance of sucess. Who knows.

Watch this space.

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