Neil Thacker: IP address and more

Heee’s baaaaaaack! Since the hoopla on the London Cat Sitting Company Facebook page, after it got trolled, someone whom I highly suspect of being Neil Thacker has ceased the opportunity to try to disrupt business, by leaving nasty comments.

I have also copy and pasted on of his IP addresses.


4 Responses to Neil Thacker: IP address and more

  1. RemiNoLifeLowLife


    • RemiNoLifeLowLife

      Ooooooh Canadaaaaaa

      • Remi Makinde

        Yes, using a proxy addresss eh? you aren’t very bright are you? appears in our database 2 times

        Current country of origin: Canada Canada

        I’m done other than my next post, which will give you advice on how to kill yourself, I’m not even going to bother. Way to much to do. My cup runneth over.

    • Remi Makinde

      It must suck being you eh? Like I said knock yourself out stalking me. It’s only a matter of time before you are caught or wind up dead.

      Life is good…..interviewing 5 more people plus office manager, work from home get to stare out at my backyard and the dogs running around… cup runneth over.

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