Sarah Alkhalaf – another vile vindictive troll

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This is Sarah Alkhalaf. These are photo’s of a troll. I hate internet trolls. Trolls are not freaky looking hump backs with gargoyle features who live under bridges. They are normal looking average Joes and Janes like Sarah Alkhalaf, who decided last week, she would give London Cat Sitting Company Facebook page or our service a 1 star, which brought us from 5 star to 2.

All this because I blocked some people and deleted stupid juvenile comments beneath the recruitment post I made. Sarah Alkhalaf has never contacted us, never used our service, but thinks it’s funny to leave dumb messages on business Facebook pages.


After going old testament on her ass last night, Sara Alkhalaf quickly removed her rating, but the damage was done and we went from 5 star rating. I have no idea when Facebook will take action and it’s impossible to contact anyone there, instead, I have to click on this and that and I have run out of patience. Sarah, the lesson I will teach you going forward, is that all actions have consequences.

It’s been over a week and It’s impossible to reach Facebook and frankly, I’m loosing patience with them.  It’s time to take the law into my hands and deal not only with this Sarah cunt, but with Neil Thacker, Bryan Hunter and all the anonymous freak trolls, who have been posting on my business Facebook page. A bullet is the only answer.

I’ve given up on the Police who are only interested in helping privileged white women like Stella Creasy, when they get trolled or threatned on line.

Here are more trolls. All friends of Sarah Alkhalaf, who thought it was funny to troll My business Facebook page and write nasty things, despite never contacting us or using our service. They weren’t laughing when I took action and they won’t be laughing when they see this. This is how you deal with nasty bullies.  You don’t cower, you don’t live in fear and don’t even bother contacting the police, since there is nothing you can do. You confront themthis way or on their doorstep.


This is Jess Newcombe, another troll and friend of Sarah Alkhalaf

This is Jess Newcombe, another troll and friend of Sarah Alkhalaf


Jess Newcomb - another trolling cunt.

Jess Newcomb – another trolling cunt.


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  1. RemiNoLifeLowLife

    Like the username huh? Nice little tirade on Twitter too. Hackney Police are very interested in you now.

  2. Remi Makinde

    “Hackney Police are very interested in you now”

    Do I come across as someone afraid of the police? Hey, I got nothing to hide, but you do since you are posting annoymously.

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