Sleepless in London

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Since its formation in 1971, the Los Angeles based rock band The Eagles have seen all six of their albums sell more than a million copies. Seen together are members of the five man group, from left; Don Henly, drums; Joe Walsh, guitar; Randy Meisner, bass; Glenn Frey, guitar; and Don Felder, guitar. 1977 photo. (AP Photo)

Eagles –  1977 photo. (AP Photo)

“You’re your own hero. The truth is everybody else is just as clueless as you. Don’t look up to anyone else, just build your confidence, and know that everybody’s unsure of the path”…..Bob Lefsetz

I wake up and can’t go back to sleep, so I do the unhealthiest thing – I reach for my phone. Nights like tonight, I wish Bob Lefsetz had a podcast to go along with his daily news letters, that arrive in my inbox. I don’t want to open my eyes and I don’t want to hold a phone or tablet, I spend my waking moments doing that. Reading is too much of an effort, I want to remain curled beneath my duvet in the comforting foetal position in the dark. With podcasts, you don’t have to move, you listen until you drift back to sleep.

Known for his music analysis (he’s a former entertainment lawyer), Bob loves music, but sometimes he’ll blog about life, things a lot of us can identify with, even wrestle with.

If you are a fan of the Eagles or affected by the way too early death of Glenn Frey, you have to read his commentary 

Nothing like the usual predictable, inane, biographical clap trap I glimpsed in some of the British press written by journos who probably didn’t dig the Eagles and had to Wikipedia them. Every report on his death read the same.

But just as good are the responses, which are not posted on his Blog. Instead, occasionally, Lefsetz forwards emails he receives, to his subscribers. The outpouring following his missive re Glenn Frey must have been staggering judging by emails he forwarded.  Responses from the likes of JD Souther who wrote: “There will be a lot said about Glenn in the coming days and I’ll be saying some of it but this tribute will be hard to top. Thank you for getting the essence, power, and influence of my first songwriting partner and best friend in L.A. Perfect”.   Joe Walsh and Bernie Leadon emailed their gratitude.  That’s what makes reading his email responses so interesting. They could be from a roadie that toured with a particular band or individual. Producers, music company honchos, agents, recording studio staff or old school friends, each with their memories and anecdotes.

I must have bored twitter followers on one of my twitter accounts, with endless tweets on Glenn Frey and the Eagles following his death last month. I mean I’ve always liked David Bowie and some of his music, but I’d never call myself a true fan. The Eagles on the other hand are up there in my top 5 favourite.  No weird make up and synthetics, just a bunch of good-looking guys (well at least Glenn was) in jeans and t-shirts, playing their guitars and singing in harmony.

Stephen Colbert had a touching funny tribute on his show.

Wow, look what happens when I can’t go back to sleep,  – Over 500 words.

RIP Maurice White, David Bowie and Glenn Frey.

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