MISSING DOG FROM FINSBURY PARK: Please help us find Spinella




I’m not in the habit of asking for help. I actually feel uncomfortable doing so, however, there is nothing uncomfortable about wanting to see my friend Alessandra and her dog Spinella reunited.

Over the years I’ve made a few enemies, especially in Hackney after I began expressing my thoughts quite openly on my other site Hackney Hive and my other not so anonymous blog. I remain unapologetic and will continue speaking my mind when I see fit. I have been contacted several times in the past by local police because of reports by certain individuals or groups who felt aggrieved by my words. To date, not one single post has been removed or amended. Because of this, I suspect I suspect that’s why the usual suspects have not retweeted it.  Of course, people lead busy lives. They aren’t hanging on my every word or every tweet. This time, it’s not about me. It’s about a stolen dog I care about. They gossip about my past which I have made no secret of and do not regret and will never apologise for. It has made me much more rounded, open-minded and compassionate than any of them. It’s made me remarkably resilient, so get the fuck over it!

How many people can say within the same year they attended the Oscars in Hollywood, found themselves going on a three-mile jog with Patricia Krenwinkle, one of the Manson murders or can tell tales of things about famous people that will make your toes curl. But I won’t. Or being held at gun point by the now deceased Hollywood producer Don Simpson , whose home I went to, because I was worired about the welfare of a young lady I’d sent there. Yeah, sure, go ahead and guess why she was there. I agree, not exactly what you’d put on your CV or LinkedIn profile, but I’m doing just fine.

Yesterday I posted an appeal on www.hackneyhive.co.uk about Spinella’s theft from Seven Sisters Road in Finsbury Park, and hoped to have it shared as many people as possible. She needs to be found. Spinella is a very much-loved 7 year cross-breed who went blind in 2014 and needs daily medication.  She means the whole world to Ale, her flatmates and her wide circle of friends. Her flatmates all share in caring for her and she is never short of attention and love, which she gives back 10 folds and more. Luigi, (one of her flatmates) who walks her during the day when Ale is at work, was in tears this weekend. I have to tell you, it hurts to see a grown man cry….What can I say, I’m an old fashioned gal, you know, fellas should be strong and all that…. spinella4

I have put aside my anger at Ales irresponsibility of leaving Spinelal unattended outside the 99p store, something I have spoken to her about it in the past, but it appears it’s taken reality to finally bite her in the ass. I just hope Spinella comes home safely. She is microchipped, but was done in Italy and registered to an address in Rome.  Ale is making changes to that today. CCTV footage captured a man and woman taking her and walking towards the Barclays Bank on Seven Sisters Road. Her actions may appear like that of an uncaring dog owner, but I can assure you she cares and is otherwise a wonderful dog owner.

Maybe her intuition is born out of her love for her dog and the bond they share, but she strongly feels, Spinella was stolen by local scumbags and is still in the area. I’m concerned that they may not immediately recognise she is blind, and may become frustrated by her quirkiness. Ale has not slept since Saturday and is out at all hours looking for Spinella or camped out on a particular council estate, hoping someone will walk her outside  We have put out posters and still putting them out. You can print a few if you wish from Dogs Lost.


It goes without saying, that I really would appreciate you tweet,  retweet and facebook to everyone, especially in London.  Ales Italian is better than her Enlish, so I am doing all that I can, such as contacting dog wardens from various boroughs. I prefer to think she has been stolen by panhandlers who will use her to garner sympathy while begging on the streets of London, and not what others have said about being used as bait for fighting dogs.

Massive thanks to all who have retweeted, shared on Facebook and to members of Stokey Cats and Dogs closed Facebook page.



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