Oh gawd not again – Aidan Robinson, where are your balls?

Aidan has racial identity issues.  He wants to be Drake.

Aidan has racial identity issues. He wants to be Drake.

You couldn’t have asked for a more perfect Saturday. It started off with me making payments into employees bank accounts.  Then I got to grip with some invoices left to complete, followed by a 2 hr fun and informative phone conversation with an award-winning Hackney Community campaigner….after the week I’ve had, it felt so good to laugh.

My ad hoc dog walker took my dogs out for a 2 hour run and play session in the park, which left me time to do the back-breaking chore of watering my tomatoes, carrots and cucumber. It was going so well.

I must have snoozed off late afternoon, when my peace was interrupted by a vibrating mobile phone (yes I was allowing it to go to voicemail). But when I recognised the Stoke Newington Police number, I answered. It was an officer who reassured me I wasn’t in any type of trouble, but he needed to speak with me about …… I knew immediately what it was about. Apparently, Aidan was upset about my blog post especially having his personal details online.  Seems like in my haste, I posted the whole email without removing his phone number which I have now done, but I’m not removing anything I have written about this matter.

Like many others, Aidan vicariously lives out his online life through his alter ego, but it appears he may have some type of racial identity crisis, similar to Rachel Dolezal. His immersion into Black culture may not be as intensive as Ms Dolezal, but there’s the yearning to be seen as a tough Black guy.  He uses a picture of hip hop artist Drake as his Twitter profile photo. Not that I peg Drake as tough.

Obviously I could be wrong and he may have a serious man crush on Drake, which makes it a lot more interesting.  Hey juicy Lucy (that’s his bitch), you aware of your boys bi tendency? It’s all good, I’m open-minded and down with it, I hope you are. 🙂

This could have all been avoided, but eager to entertain his 6oo Twitter followers, whom he encouraged to harass me and hurt me. He played a dangerous game – f*****g with MY livelihood and he’s just going to have to deal with my brand of prairie justice.

And Aidans recent response to me via text?

“You’re just a shit Katie Hopkins with no fans”.  I must be doing something right.

Enjoy what I believe is going to be a beautiful Sunday.


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