I will not be bullied – The customer is not always right nor are anon people on social media



Had a nasty run in with a scumbag and  his excitable bitch (and I mean a two-legged one not a furry lovable panting one) on Twitter. As most of you know, I don’t suffer fools gladly and just because I run a business, doesn’t mean I have to be at the mercy of certain people especially excitable twitter mobs. I will not roll over for anyone and I DON’T ANSWER TO ANYONE.

It’s amusing to watch these excitable nobodies cream their knickers, over my attitude and the way I have chosen to deal with what was originally, an anonymous tweet that was brought to my attention last week.

I finally figured out who the person was, after doing an email search using his girl friends name ( She came to his “defence” on Twitter).

I remember this fella because both his cats had really interesting names that only a cool (or at least interesting person) would have chosen, which I expressed in an email I can’t find. Will check my send file in my old laptop and post it here.

Emails will show they had NO complaints.

As for my vulgarity, deal with it. I have this blog so I can defend myself on-line and I’m very unapologetic about. People attacked on Twitter either cower, cry their eyes out, close their account or kill themselves. I don’t subscribe to any of that. I have a special way of dealing with people on-line or off-line who piss me off.  The mistake spineless twats like these make, is thinking I’m like them.  I don’t crumble easily and I’ve done things that would make their toes curl, so hostile anon people on social media don’t scare me, even at the risk of losing customers.

I’ve had a gun put to my head while being held hostage by a famous Hollywood movie producer high on crack when I lived in LA, and when I lived in Texas I shot a man in self-defence. Don’t worry,  it was in his thigh and he lived.  I was miffed I had to replace a really nice rug I bought in Mexico. The Hollywood producer is now dead and to give you a clue who the nutter is, his physician died of an overdose in the crack head movie producers home. Although technically, it was his guest house.

Over the years I’ve written a lot of things that have pissed people off. To the extent that a group of bored housewives in Homerton, Hackney contacted the police because they were not happy with what I said about them. Not once but 3 times, I received phone calls from the Police in Homerton, who thought it best I remove what I said from a blog (not this one).  I didn’t.  The police are paid to fight crime, not wipe the asses or sooth the bruised egos of a bunch of bored white middle class housewives. actually, that was one of the things they found offensive.  Even the officer who contacted me thought “bored white middle class house wives” was an offensive term!




Then there was a local NIMBY nutter


So there you have it folks I don’t do humble too good but I’ve provided you with, entertainment on a whole nother level for you to share with your Facebook friends.

Have a nice weekend!




Hope you’re well.

Was impressed by what I’ve seen on your website so thought I’d get in touch!

We’ve got 2 male cats (each around 2 years old) around Dalston/Stoke Newington way (directly on Stoke Newington Rd). We’d be looking for someone to pop in and feed them each day between December 24th up to (and including) December 29th.

If this sounds feasible then we’d be really interested in a consultation and chat, please feel free to get back to me either via this email address or on 07766 xxx xxx


Sent from my iPhone=


From: info@londoncatsittingcompany.com
To: aidanxxxxxxxhotmail.com
Subject: Cat sitting
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2014 07:32:13 +0000
Hello Aidan

Thank you for contacting us. We’ll be happy to look after your kitties while you are away. I am attaching our Christmas rates information. Please let me know as soon as possible as most of us are fully booked.

Kind Regards


Remi Makinde – Owner and part of the cat sitting team

Cat Sitting| Personal Errands & Concierge |House Sitting

mobile 07522 472 691

email info@londoncatsittingcompany.com
website www.londoncatsittingcompany.com

Thanks Remi! Appreciate it.

Sent from my iPhone

On 3 Dec 2014, at 19:21, “Remi ” <info@londoncatsittingcompany.com> wrote:
I am attaching a booking and information form and will have Alessandra your cat sitter contact you in the next 24 hours to arrange a day to meet you and the kitties as well as to pick up keys.





Apologies for the late payment – my email must have blocked previous invoices.

I’ve paid the outstanding amount (£65) direct to your bank, which should have cleared within 2 hours of sending (21.08, 29/12/14).

I’ve used the reference ‘Flat 23B’ – I would be grateful if you could confirm receipt.


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  1. Sounds like they pissed you off but good to see you back on form. Who is this person and what’s his problem?

  2. Chin up they aren’t worth it.

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