Ladies of Stamford Hill Have a plan to keep wages low

women-gossipingI have to admit one of my biggest and time-consuming guilty pleasures is Twitter, where I have several accounts. There is Hackney Hive, my business account, my personal one and my favorite most used one which can be in-politically correct, many times crossing the boundaries of decency and even straying into problems with the law occasionally.

I have had problems with certain people in the past and have used it and my blog as a platform to air my angst, set the record straight and dole out my own form of prairie justice. What can I say, it beats various vices I can think of , or losing my liberty by knocking the crap out of someone.

It was there I discovered a tweet from If You Tickle Us, an anonymous blogger from Stamford Hill. This is not your garden variety Hackney blogger. He blogs and tweets in English and Yiddish and can sometimes be irreverent about things within the very insular and private Orthodox Jewish community of Stamford Hill. Some of it makes for hilarious reading, although I should add, there are some within the Haredi community desperate to out him and calling for his head.  READ MORE

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