Met Police and Home office enabling sex traffickers

mollnewpicThis is Molli Desi.  Molli and others like her are brought to UK by a clever and enterprising group of people believed to consist of a lawyer and former NGO worker. Molli like her predecessor Kama of Kingston (she touted her business in Kingston Upon Thames) are whores who market their sex business as some type of spiritual enlightening, but what a punter get’s is a basic underwhelming shag. Nothing special and nothing earth shattering and based on her reviews on Punternet, her blow jobs are lackluster.

I had the misfortune of running into them in 2005, not in person, but on line.

  • Somehow they got hold of my US social security number and posted on line
  • Got hold of my British birth certificate which they scanned and posted on line on a revenge blog
  • Posted pictures of my family members, even my father’s funeral.

That’s just a few things they did. Other things had a devastating effect on my my life and still do.  There was very little I could do at the time, but that was 9 years ago. They have a new stable of trafficked illiterate girls brought into the UK from India on bogus student visas and run their brothel out of a flat in Surbiton.

They speak very little English are not well educated but their handlers want you to believe some of the highbrow stuff they blog and tweet about are the whores thoughts.  They are not.  They are the words and thoughts of their handlers…

I will explain myself later today when I’m done with work. In the mean time here is some reading material.





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