Deconstructing lies, an online hate and smear campaign (Part One)

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If this wasn’t true, it would be a badly written soap opera…but it is true.  It is my life and what has happened in the last 9 years on line has affected me greatly. It is now time to set straight, bring it out in the open, shine a light on the cockroaches and put this shit to sleep. I’m dividing what I have to say into 3 blog posts, which will be posted shortly, as it’s way too long for one post. The internet can be a very dark and dangerous sphere.

It seems some of you don’t have the guts that I have and the best you can do is to back channel and anonymously attack and defame me. I sometimes say and blog about things that make people uncomfortable so I’m use to it. I’m a big girl and I can take the insults, the nasty emails even death threats, but one thing you don’t do is what Gavin Redknap has been doing. He unknowingly (because he didn’t know it was me he was corresponding with) told me I “whored” out my niece (who was a child) when I lived in the USA. It’s what he’s been telling people and it is what some gutter minded people believe or would like to believe. I had to point out to him that not only was she a child at the time, she lived in Britain.

Since a lot of my business is centered around Hackney, and local social net working being what it is, this rumour can be very damaging. They say mud sticks. Besides, who needs to be associated with such a vile rumour….it’s not like my life so far hasn’t been colourful enough. To hear Gavin Redknap and my other detractors, you would think I was some  drug addled, mentally ill alcoholic. They like it that way as it dehumanizes me, makes them feel better about themselves and hope it will distort peoples view of me. Well it’s fucking Armageddon and I’m putting it all out there for all to read. It’s also name and shame time. Yes Julia Lafferty, Sarah Miller y’all too…..Just hang tight, I’ll get to ya.

Vile vile Gavin Redknap

Who is Gavin Redknap?  He lives in Hackney but I don’t know know him from Adams house slippers.  What I do know is that he is an Economist who works in Asset Management. Yeah, I know. Not the usual spotty faced kid in his parents basement. He is someone I have never met and our only connection has been via my web site Hackney Hive, where he has commented on various posts. So you can imagine my horror when 2 years ago I noticed several visits to my blog following a particular post. They came from a football forum for West Ham supporters where someone had posted a link. Some months later I noticed a flurry of visits to my site (again) from people clicking on a link from the football site. Redknap is a regular on it who goes by the username “Gravos”. I later registered on the site (with a made up online moniker) to counter their comments. Redknap thought he ‘d play “big guy” and out me, so he posted my real name and other details he had gathered such as the names of my business and a link to site where a certain person had started a hate campaign. I’ll get to that later. I’ve since had it removed.

At this point I had no idea who Gavros was, but soon figured it out. You see on my other blog, you have to register to post a comment. Redknap did that using his work email address. It was the same email address and moniker he used on Hackney Hive. I did what any angry person would do. Looked up his Facebook account and pretty much posted his family album.

Although Gavin Redknap is guilty of attempting to bully me, spread false rumours and encouraging others to burn and kill me, he’s not the first to have waged an on line smear campaign, far from it. To get to the root of the most vicious and disgusting claim he’s made about me, we’d have to go back as far as 2005 and a group of what I can only describe as dangerous sex traffickers. Then there was the former neighbours Daniella Wol and Colm Carty followed by a former employee Helen Smith and some idiot I refused to hire called Neil Thacker. Didn’t I tell you this could have been a badly written soap opera? And a tawdry one to boot.

Let’s start with Redknap then work our way backwards.

You see, recently Gavin Redknap has been telling anyone who would listen that there was a time in my life that (in his words) I “whored” out my nieces when I lived in America. This message was sent to me by him, but he didn’t know it was me at the time. I made up a moniker and began communicating with him on the West Ham supporters forum, in an effort to find out what exactly he has been telling people. Do you think maybe Gavin Redknap habours disgusting kiddie fiddling thoughts? Why else would he come up with something so outrageous about me?

23:50 Sun Apr 27

> > Again? She’s in a world of her own where shes a wonderful celebrity surrounded by evil.
> >
> > Im not going to bother with the fruit. At least i got off more lightly than her neice who she whored out over in america!

He really did cross the line this time.  As I mentioned earlier he can damn well say what he wants to, but you see those pet care ads to the side of this site? They are mine and although we offer our services all over London, a lot of it is here in Hackney were we have a lot of clients and where I am known. As with others, he has gone out of his way to destroy me.

Below are just a few examples of messages about me posted on the West Ham football hooligan web site owned by a fella called Steve Haydon. Steve for some reason allows the poor excuses for men to make death threats and make racist slurs.

Leigh Jim 2:03 Mon May 12

What the fuck has this pathetic immigrant got to do to get banned?

If she posted the full name and work address of any of us up – along with photos of our birds, we would be going fucking mental

If she did that to me, I would set the fat cunt on fire

And more

Pub Bigot 11:18 Tue May 13

Remi, I’ll keep digging and find all I need.

You’ve come on here to try to ruin one of ours and we’ll repay the favour. Simples.

Ha ha

Except it’s not just me

There are loads of us on here that will do it
The reviews will go live, you will have a few anxious cat owners calling the council and the RSPCA complaining about your company
You think everyone was going to just sit and watch some fat mess trying to get someone sacked from their job and posting photos of the blokes missus and niece??

We may all be cunts on here but there is still a code against outsiders

collyrob 2:37 Sat Aug 3
Re: Mods…..
You know her name – just set fire to the immigrant cunt


Leigh Jim 2:17 Sat Aug 3
Re: Mods…..

You know her name – just set fire to the immigrant cunt

End of problem

Norflundon 3:32 Sat Jul 20to
Re: Abuse, RIP
I might be stating the obvious here but why don’t you just smash her face in…….
Usually works for me when somebody pisses me off…..


They were not once reprimanded by Steve Haydon or his moderators, who actually encouraged and joined in.


The Escort Connection

The truth is that I did own and run an escort service for over a decade, while living in the USA. I’ve made no secret of redncuffsthis and although people who know me or follow my other blog or twitter account may be aware, there are others who don’t.

I moved to the US in the 80’s first to New York where I had family members, before spending a summer island hoping between the Bahamas and St Croix, while using Florida as a base. When summer ended, I headed for Los Angeles and then to New Orleans( for a year).

It was while I was in New Orleans that I became a madam. Long story short, One evening  while celebrating a collegues birthday at a popular bar in the French Quarters, I met a woman who ran an escort service  At the time I worked for a Recruitment Agency. I was intrigued and within a few weeks I was answering her phones in the evenings after work, having a British accent helped. Three months later I bought her business and she returned to Kansas. I gave up my job.

After a lot of hassle from the notorious NOPD including an undercover vice officer who wanted me to pay him protection money to avoid getting busted, I realised it was time to return to Los Angeles, where I opened shop.  LA’s weather wasn’t the only good thing about returning – it proved to be a much bigger, more profitable and seductive market. What else would you expect from Hollywood?

At any one time I had up to 25 women working for me and would often send ladies not just to clients in LA, but many of the larger cities in the US, and Europe. After a few run ins with LAPD which included my home being raided and me on the floor  surrounded by armed undercover officers doing high fives over me. I returned home to London for 18 months then headed to Texas, where I opened shop once again, with little hassle from the police.

Fast forward to 2005, I’m back in London thinking I’m going to set up shop in London. I did. It wasn’t the same and I wasn’t either, but it was something else that put a stop to my short foray into the adult business in London. A very secretive nameless group pimping and controlling a young girl who they claimed belonged to Southern India’s Devadasi caste. Punters were told she was a student and her “handlers” spouted a lot of spiritual goobly goo that men fell for. You have to remember punters think with their dicks and don’t ask questions.

Not only did they somehow manage to hack my email address, they were able to get control of my domain names therefore able to takeover my websites. What they did next is an example of how sinister the internet can be and how little can be done when people have an agenda. Having gained access to my email, they were able to find out the names of family members.

More to come tomorrow. The whole cast of characters including Daniella Wol, Colm Carty, Neil Thacker, Bryan Hunter,  Sarah Miller, Julia Lafferty,  Paul Hubert, The Met Police and a whole lot more.



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