Hackney Heart: Gentrification, Narrow Way, social cleansing and lies


Protestors outside Hackney Heart

Protestors outside Hackney Heart

Less than two months after Jane Egginton-McIntyre was handed the keys to the rent and council tax free shop on the Narrow Way, she jetted off to a luxury beach resort in Portugal. She made everyone know this by posting a photo of her bikini clad self, lounging in the sun on Hackney Heart’s Facebook page.

This at a time when many traders along the Narrow Way and Hackney are struggling to make their rent and council taxes, many wondering if they will survive another year. Nothing wrong with a vacation, but I found it a little perverse considering the fate of other traders in the area who were better placed to receive the benevolence shown to her by Hackney Council. Not that I believe she paid for her vacation, Egginton is amongst other things a travel writer, who is adept at getting freebies who is frequently sunning herself at resorts and spas across the world.

With her various projects and businesses cross pollinating in Hackney, she is the last person Hackney Council should be giving a leg up to, but that is what they did last September. It’s hard to tell where her Hackney Homemade Market begins and Hackney Heart ends – they all blend in together. Apparently Hackney Council believe selling second hand trinkets, belly dancing and basket weaving is going to help revitalise The Narroway or benefit the community at large? Really Belly Dancing??


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