Setting the record straight: Web designer Bryan Hunter, blackmail, threats and schemes

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Oh gawd here I go again, having to defend myself…….

For someone who doesn’t suffer fools gladly I’m prone and always expect backlash from various sources but luckily in most cases, I can deal with it. However some things need addressing and such is the case with web developer Bryan Hunter and his complaint about me.

I approached web developer Bryan Hunter in 2012 to help me complete a classified ad site  I’d been trying half heartily to get off the ground for almost 2 years, but which I’ve pretty much given up on…more important things to take care of.

Web designer Bryan Hunter who now works for The Instant Group, turned out to be a nightmare. It all started off very well and I was pleased with the changes he made. Unfortunately he was not able to correct some problematic issues that affected the appearance of certain categories of the web site. Then he attempted to bill me for emails I sent him and wanted to be paid in cash. Now I’m aware I rattle on about nothing a lot of the time, but to date, nobody has seen fit to invoice me for talking or writing too much. That was until Bryan Hunter came along.  But the Pièce de résistance came when he contacted my web hosting company while trying to solve something on the site. NOBODY does that, NEVER. I hadn’t given him permission to and to the hosting company credit, they never divulged any personal information. I should have taken that as a warning and change my passwords which I didn’t.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I received a phone call from Hunter, saying he had taken over my web site, and

Web Developer Bryan Hunter

Web Developer Bryan Hunter

sure enough he had changed the pass code, admin email address and left a message on the sites front page calling me a thief and stating I owed him money and until it was paid it would stay that way.

Within 30 minutes thanks to back up and the hosting company, I was able to regain access to my site and cpanel. After that stunt, not even a cold day in hell would result in him getting a dime from me. Hunter then took to leaving nasty messages on my Hackney Hive Facebook page, calling me at all hours and sending payment demand via emails. I ignored him and have done so until today.

Hunter still has his side of the story on one of his web site, so this is my side.


But it’s not just Bryan Hunter. There are other people and factors. Some people have contacted him, namely my stalker Neil Thacker (you can find out more about him here), and some dude I’ve never met but know of  named Gavin Redknap. RedKnap apparently reads a lot of what I write and occasionally comments. One day he decided to teach this uppity black bitch a lesson and it back fired…he felt my full wrath. Actually it was a little of my wrath, my full wrath can be pretty nasty. I spared him. Who knows who else has contacted web developer Bryan Hunter.

There are claims Golden Girl Betty White has been quoted saying “Why do people say ‘grow some balls’? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina”. I’m in agreement and this ole gal doesn’t need to grow a pair of balls. I have a vagina, a powerful one, and I’m not easily scared. I have seen and done stuff some of  you can only dream of. Actually some of the things are your worst nightmare and would make your toes curl. Bryan Hunter picked the wrong person to try to intimidate. I don’t scare easily.

It’s hard to find a good web designer

Hunter isn’t the only web developer I have had problems with.  Just earlier this year, when I need help with revamping one of my pet sitting web sites and designing a new logo.  They were based in India, it was another nightmare but that’s a whole other blog post so check back soon. They got paid though.

Since January, I have had two of my other pet sitting sites redesigned and have used another developer. While I’m more than able to configure and set up a word press based site, I need help with coding I don’t understand and I’m glad to say I have finally found a developer I am comfortable working with. No complaints about this Devon based developer who I will be working with on other projects.

To understand why I’m not terribly popular in certain quarters, you have to know me, I mean really know me or read what I sometimes write or blog and I have provided links below.

Bryan Hunter you are a poor excuse of a man and a total c**t. You want war? You got it.

UPDATE – 26/4/14

So I tried contacting the son of a bitch last night to let him know about my response blog post, only to discover something odd. For such a prolific writer, blogger, guest blogger, tweeter and facebooker, he seems to have dropped off the face of the virtual world sometime last November. He has various sites and social network accounts that have not been up-dated.

It’s very odd and I can only assume he is either to ill or incapacitated to write, dead or in prison.

GO stand infront o a moving bus you bastard.






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