Hackney Journalist to Judge: Dude she ain’t all that, not even a Pamela Anderson


The Pammy Defense

The Pammy Defense

This originally appeared in www.hackneyhive.co.uk on 12/07/12

OK , that’s not exactly what Hackney Journalist, Mohamed Tamalt, 36, of Leabank Square, Hackney Wick said to the judge, but he may as well have.

Tamalt, an Algerian born political journalist, was cleared on Wednesday 4 July, of fondling a woman’s bottom at the Tesco in Morning Lane, as she bent over packets of rice. A jury at Snaresbrook Crown Court heard the alleged victim claimed Tamalt lunged forward, and rubbed her butt in circular motions.

The woman claimed when she recoiled from him, he pretended to be mentally ill. He then left the store, but was hauled back by store security guards who detained him until the police arrived.

Tamalt denied groping her and used a glamorous Hollywood actress as a yard stick for his desirability for a woman, when he told the jurors not only was his alleged victim eight years older than him, she was also no ‘Pamela Anderson’.

The author who in the past has accused the US Ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, of being a CIA agent in an article published on website ‘The Arab Digest’ also claims that the British government recruited the woman as revenge for his work, which has caused embarrassment. He told the court:

“I believe this is because she has been paid by some of the governments which I’m not happy with and which I write about.

“I have written about social, political and financial corruption which they did not like.”

He denied pretending he was mentally ill and said: “She didn’t let me speak at all, she just said, “You are crazy.”

The jury took just an hour and a half to find Mr Tamalt not guilty. He thanked God and the jury as the verdict was announced.

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